Tuesday, April 18, 2017

O: Oatmeal Desserts #AtoZChallenge

Yes, oatmeal desserts. You heard that correctly, right from cookies to ice-cream to puddings to cakes (even cheesecakes) oatmeal can be used to make the most amazing desserts. Just don't tell the family for if you have one like mine they completely blank out after the word "oat". 
My experiments with oatmeal started primarily after my husband had a cardiac episode and I was told to give him a healthy diet rich in fibres. Although I personally liked my occasional porridge, he used to balk at the thought of oatmeal. So I started sneaking them into cookies and cakes. Sometimes he figured it out, often he didn't.  I used it primarily in desserts ( as a cheesecake base, oatmeal and raisin cookies, even chewy toffees with apples and apricots) and more often than not he would have most of it before he would suddenly start fussing about the chewy thingies! Some of these men can be such babies! 
Anyway, if you are feeling adventurous, I suggest googling "oatmeal desserts". There's a world of ideas out there. I'm certain some will catch your fancy. And be healthy too!   


  1. I've been eating a LOT of oatmeal on my diet. It's good for lowering cholesterol. I usually put sugar and cinnamon with it...so it's almost like dessert!

  2. Yes, cinnamon sounds like a good idea! :) Thanks.