Friday, April 24, 2015

'U' for Ugh. A to Z Challenge Day 21.

Let's face it. Not everyone can cook. Although some people have the best of intentions and spare no effort or expense in doing it. If fact there have been times when even the best home cooks do screw up. I've done it: experimented with something, tasted it and gone "UGH. That cannot be how it is supposed to be!"
So every once in a while you may be invited for dinner or given something to eat and although it looks presentable enough, when you taste it your heart sinks. "Ugh," you think!
So what do you do then?
Here's what I do.
I calmly finish the food, as much as I can anyway, find something on the menu that's half edible, (like the salad, maybe?), set down the plate and profusely thank the host and tell them what a wonderful meal it has been.
That's manners!

And then there are some things that make you go ugh anyway and you wouldn't touch it for the world. It may be the smell, the texture, the taste. After all, we all have our preferences.
For me, it's the smell of Bombay Duck as it's cooking.
It's the mild fish curry cooked at home day in day out. Smells too fishy, I never touch it.
It's plain boiled okra with it's slimy texture.
It's the yolk of fried egg sunny side up... could never stand it, either the taste or the texture though I know people who would kill for it. Well, almost.
It's idli and vada after more than a month of having it day in and day out at the hospital canteen. Thankfully that was temporary.

The list goes on.
So tell me, what are the food that make YOU go "ugh!"?


  1. definitely smell of bombay duck being cooked, fruit salad with banana in it, fish eyes (with or without the rest of the fish), sago (makes me think of frogs eggs) so I guess it's most things squishy, slimy or smelly. I would also issue an advisory against oil free 'gajjar ka halwa'.

  2. I can't stand pineapple. The smell, the taste, everything about it. UGH!

  3. LOL. I would add bananas too. And any squishy leftover from the kids plates when they were small!

  4. I cant stand the smell of fish being cooked... somehow the utensils too retain that odour... Ugh!