Wednesday, March 22, 2017

April A to Z Challenge: THEME REVEAL 2017

This year sped by real fast... its almost April already and time for the theme reveal!
In fact I missed the date (yes, I'm a bit late) and got to thinking about it and found that some things have changed. On the A2Z website, in my life... you know how it is. For a while, I thought I'd skip it this year... one should stop at three, they say and this is going to be my fourth consecutive one.
But then again, I thought, why not push myself a bit? 

So, after much thought, this year my theme is: DESSERTS.

I know. Some of you who know me may wonder.
As I often say, I am not a sweet person.
But since I am pushing it, why not just go an extra length and write on something OUTSIDE my comfort zone?
So there it is. Desserts.
Of course my blog comes with the usual disclaimer. I am not a food blogger or an expert. I just like tinkering about in the kitchen and my posts may carry recipes but will also be about memories and stories associated with the dishes.
Do you have a sweet tooth?
See you in April then!