Saturday, April 4, 2015

'D' is for Diet. A to Z Challenge Day 4.

I am happily overweight. With a 5 foot height and a stout disposition, it is not difficult to look fat.
And although I love my body, once in a while I look at myself in the mirror and think I see a ball!
Take this: we are lying in the sun in a lovely beach. The breeze rustles the trees... the beer has hit the spot and I'm drifting off, book on my lap. My daughter is happily taking pictures of anything that moves. Or doesn't.  
We return from the holidays and I look at the pictures. 
Yikes! What is a beached whale doing in the picture...? It even has my sunglasses and book! 
One friend encouragingly said, "don't worry, photos always make you look fatter...I'm sure it wasn't so bad."
Another said, "Exercise, exercise, after all you are over 40, you should go swimming or something..."
And then one said, "DIET!" 

That is the most frightening word I have ever heard.

I have friends who diet, I have friends of friends who are perpetually on a diet. They frighten me. I admire their amazing will-power to bypass the biriyani at the five star buffet and drink only clear soup! I have sat through a delicious meal while the hostess nibbled at some fruits while we devoured the dinner cooked by her! I have watched someone chew through two huge bowls of chopped cucumber and tomatoes and then start on dinner and pretend it is a 'lifestyle choice'!

I have never, for the life of me, been able to go on a diet. I love my food too much! I remember the one time I tried. This friend recommended the Atkin's Diet. It sounded like a lot of fun. Lots of protein: meat, eggs, fish chicken and no carbs! Wow. All my favourite things, I thought. 
Two days into the diet I was craving rice.... by evening I had polished off all the bread in the house and was thinking of making chicken pulao! 
No no, diets are not for me. 
I do not like feeling deprived.
So I eat whatever I want and I am happy...
But I do have one policy... that helps me to more or less maintain my weight and not bloat out of control: 
No second helpings. No matter how delicious the lamb is, you do not go back for seconds! 
Try it!?


  1. I feel like I'm constantly trying to go on a diet, but it never works. I just love food too much. Your no second helpings policy is a great one. I'm usually good about that but my fiance? Not so much. If you just wait for the first helping to hit your stomach, then you'll feel full!

  2. Oh, I am on a perpetual diet. The SEE food diet. I see food and I eat it.

  3. Ha! i went on the Zone diet which is quite similar to the Atkins but you can eat all the fruit and veg you want. i think if you like carbs then you just have to eat no fat! Or do a lot of exercise... i have a dog, that helps keep me slim! ~Liz

  4. I too am on a see-food diet;). Thanks for the feedback!

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