Monday, April 13, 2015

'K' is for Kakori Kabab, A to Z Challenge Day 11

Kakori is a hamlet near the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, India. The story goes that the Nawab of Lucknow was terribly fond of kababs but had lost his teeth. He ordered his cooks to make a kabab that would be so succulent, juicy and tender that he would not need to chew the kabab: it would melt in his mouth.
And Kakori Kabab was born.
This is a lamb dish where the minced lamb is smoothed into a paste and flavoured with spices and stuff and cooked on a spit. So I think. I guess if I search the internet I will find some splendid recipes but this is one thing I do not want to learn to cook. I always believe that there are some things you should leave to others!
In Calcutta, one of the places that offers the most sumptuous kakori kababs is a restaurant called "Dum Pukht" in the ITC Sonar, one of the many five star properties in the city. We do not visit it too often, saving it for that special occasion.
I have a dear cousin who was visiting for a day on Saturday. He came in from Jamshedpur in the morning and had a flight to Beijing at night. During the day we had guests over and an elaborate Bengali meal and were frankly, stuffed to the gills! We couldn't possibly eat anything else....
Yet, while on our way to the airport, the spouse stopped at ITC. Yes, we had Kakori Kabab. There's always space for Kakori Kabab! Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Thanks, Shan and Amitesh! 

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  1. Love Kakori Kababs! My mouth's watering even as I read your post. :)