Friday, April 10, 2015

'I' is for Indian. A to Z Challenge day 9.

In India we have a saying: "Ghar ka murgi, daal barabar." Loosely translated, it means:  "Even the most delicious chicken, if it is cooked at home, tastes like boiled lentils."
So while I have friends and relatives all over the world oohing and aahing about Indian food, it is the last kind of cuisine I would choose to have when I am eating out.
In fact I look forward to vacations abroad so I can try out the different cuisines and local food. So you will find me digging into the street food at Thailand or neck deep in black pudding in Scotland or gobbling a Bratwurst in Germany...the list is endless.

On one such holiday, the spouse and I had gone to Europe for  three weeks. Our tour started and ended in London. Off we went, Lichtenstein, Belgium, Rhine Falls, Venice, Mount Titlis, Paris, (not in that order) etc etc. We sampled local cuisines, drank their wine and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Satiated and exhausted, we returned to London where we were staying with an Aunt and Uncle. That night, they served us Indian food. Rice, daal and mutton curry. After three weeks of spice-less, bland food we realised what we had been missing: the aroma, the unique blend of spices and taste brought the flavour back into our lives.

It was one of the best meals I've ever had!


  1. I too love trying out different cuisine. But as you said it, there is something about the blend of spices that keeps me coming back to Indian food. And each region has it's own take on a particular dish. Right now I have been hankering for 'Mustard Fish' bong style. Sigh!

  2. Come on over, I'll happily make it for you. Anytime!

  3. I have a good friend that just loves Indian food. I think everyone likes to try a food that is different than what they would make at home.