Monday, April 20, 2015

"Q" for Quiche. A to Z Challenge Day 17

Q put me in a quandary...  what food can I think of  that begins with Q?
Quinoa....? Naah, don't care for it!
Quince...? What can I write about a pear?
Quail? Too tiny.... and I've never tried it either.
Quesadilla... ? But that's not local, not even available anywhere near me, the last time I heard.

It struck me:

Quiches are fun. Quiches are easy to make. And they are filling. A slice (or two) of quiche and a light salad on the side, washed down with a glass of draft beer. That's my kind of lunch!

The more I thought about it, the more appealing the idea was. I had my post all thought out. I'd add a nice and easy quiche recipe.. I'd certainly find that old tried and trusted Betty Crocker recipe with one time I made it a lot.... it's been a while since I made one....
I took the idea to the girls. "What quiche," they said, "we've never had quiche made by you!"

And presto, here's what we had for dinner last night...

It turned out nice and golden. Yes, I used bacon. And spinach. And a few mushrooms that were lying in the fridge!

And I must mention we had surprise guests for dinner. Everyone loved it.


  1. Oh yummy Quiche! I really would love a slice right now. :) Don't mum's usually make what their children want! Nice.

  2. I guess I`m more the quinoa type of person ;)

    /passing by from a-z challenge.../