Friday, April 17, 2015

'O' is for Octopus. A to Z Challenge Day 15.

Frankly, I never imagined people actually ATE octopus. You know, those things that live under the sea and have eight tentacles? I just remembered that rather dumb joke: what did one octopus say to the other? "I want to hold your hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand..."

So imagine my surprise when, about ten years ago, we go to this Bar and Grill right here in Calcutta and find Baby Octopus on the menu! It was one of those places where you choose what you want as much as you want and they grill it for you. After a tentative nibble at the first octopus, I decided they were definitely edible... I must have eaten at least eight octopuses that night (in addition to all my other stuff, of course)...
I looked up to see my husband looking at me strangely, "don't eat any more, you'll get a tummy ache," he said gently.
"Imagine those poor creatures wriggling about in your belly!"

My daughters, when they heard were shocked, "but Ma, they were babies!"

Some time ago I found octopuses being sold in a store. I got them home, learned how to cook them and grilled it with butter and garlic.
I'm happy to report I have one daughter on my team now!


  1. hot words roasted
    written above the char
    a deeper ink

    Yours, well written! Smiles! _m

  2. A thank you is due
    Your words appreciated
    Do come back for more.

    Smiles. Always. You're why I write.

  3. Nooo! Octopi are too cute to eat. :) Yeah, I would worry about those tentacles wriggling around too.