Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've always had a fascination for the moon...we go back a long way. As a child I remember walks with my Dad over the moonlit fields near Kanke and Madhupur...and long moonlit swims with only the moonlight rippling up the waters. It was always magical....And whenever I have been sad, she's been around to give ease and comfort, reminding me that no matter how far or remote she may seem, she's always there. I specially remember one time when I was hurt and upset and on a whim I took this overnight bus from Pune to Bangalore...throughout the journey the moon followed us and the moon drenched fields and hills winked at by the time I reached Bangalore I was comforted, much more at peace with myself....and maybe a little more ready to face things... Over the years that beautiful lady has been a mute witness to my life. Whether I have been savouring the summer breeze on the terrace, or enjoying a drink in the moonlight, or watching the silver beams dancing on the waves or enjoying the quiet chill atop a hill, she's been a constant companion, friend and inspiration for much of my writing, my poetry and my paintings.

moonshine and tears
turning all my fears
into reality
gone are the years
amid all the heres
and morbidity
i dare not speak
knowing i cannot keep
my silence
heap upon heap upon heap
of self doubt creeps
into my reticence
but moonshine talks
where i always walk
in memories
dark shadows stalk
incessantly mock
my tragedy
mute starlight hears
all my dreams adhere
into the mist
in my ears
a memory whispers
of your kiss.