Friday, April 18, 2014

'P' is for Potty-training!

Ah, the joys of motherhood!
Potty-training. Something every mother has to go through. Sometimes more than once. How can we ever forget?  Those endless times we waited for the little darlings to 'go' in the pot and not on the bed. The times we waited and gave up only to have a wet child in our arms. I always said I dreamed of potty-trained new-born babies! When my elder daughter was born, I was told a strategically placed metal bowl would help in the mornings.... I gave up on that soon enough. My daughters, who are only 13 months apart, had minds of their own that told them to poo only when they felt like it and they then lay there smiling and cooing sweetly! I should have known right then that those girls meant trouble! Those were the days when at every party or social gathering all us young mothers would get together and discuss our child-rearing woes.... Diapers, Nappy-rash, Breast-feeding, the works... There were times when I thought I would never get past it! I particularly remember one holiday when we went to Kathmandu. We were staying at this fancy place that served a huge buffet breakfast. How I drooled over it! And spent most of the time running to the loo because one or the other child wanted to 'go'! That's the time I wished I had at least one son so that my husband could do the honours!
Like all things, that stage too, passes. You can actually go out without those bulky diapers stuffed in your handbag once more.It's a sense on accomplishment when your child tugs your hand and says "I've gotta go." and then actually lasts till the loo! You can wish back the dimpled smiles and cuddly morning hugs and tiny feet but I bet no mother wishes back the potty-training days!

So cheers to all the Moms who have been there, done that. As for the rest of you, hang on in there, this too shall pass! 

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  1. done 4 kids...cant take it no more!!cute smiles n dimles be damned!!! >:(