Saturday, April 29, 2017

Y: Yogurt AKA Mishti Doi #AtoZChallenge

No post on desserts is complete without yogurts. Fruity, flavourful yogurts. Raspberry and mango and what not. But the best yogurt is (ask anyone who has had it) the Mishti doi!!! 
Mishti (sweet) doi (yogurt) is the traditional Bengali yoghurt that has been sweetened with 'gur' or mollasses/black treacle. So it is not sweet as sugary sweet but has the flavour of gur. Hence, it is a beige colour (although I must admit my favourite one is white and comes from a shop called Mithai in Calcutta) and can also be made at home if you are adventurous enough. Nowadays they also make it in mango flavour in the mango season but I think I will stick to the traditional one. 
Mishti doi comes with a thick natural layer of fat on the top. That is the cream as it solidifies. Many Bengalis like the "matha" (head) as we call it and many don not. Me? I can have a whole bowl of just the head! 
And after teasing your palate with a full-on meal of shukto, bhaja, daal, fish fry, bhaat, maach, chingri, mangsho and chutney, mishti doi is definitely the perfect ending to any Bengali meal!

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