Monday, April 17, 2017

N: Nan Khatai #AtoZChallenge

In school, in Class XI, I took Nutrition as one of my subjects. I don't really know why. I used to hate cooking and nothing about food (except eating it) interested me. However, I discovered pretty early on that I enjoyed cooking. There was something very intriguing about taking some raw foodstuff and turning it into something delicious! 
One of the early recipes we were given were of Nan Khatais. That was when I discovered these lovely Indian "cookies"! Oh there were a lot of things we learnt, right from cheese balls to alu dum to eggs to cutlets ... For a long time I had even saved the file. It got lost along the way, but that introduction to cooking started me on a journey that (thankfully) never ends! 

So for the Nan Khatai recipe, I checked into one of my favourite recipe blogs and here it is, thanks to @MonikaManchanda I'll be trying these soon, will you?  

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