Thursday, April 6, 2017

E: Eclairs #AtoZChallenge

In March I decided I would do desserts as my theme for the A2Z Challenge this year. I was toying with the idea and ran it by my daughters. My older one, who is a self-styled sweet aficionado immediately perked up at the idea. "But you have to make at least one every weekend," she said, from that blog, all of April." 
I was game. Last weekend we had parfaits, more about that later (maybe). And this is what I plan to try this weekend! 
Who can resist them? 
I got  a nice recipe here: Eclair recipe 
and it looks simple enough to try! 

care to join me? 


  1. I've never made eclairs. I don't like chocolate, but hubby does, so I should make them sometime.

    1. I do hope you do... shall try to share pics once I'm done making them this weekend!

  2. I love eclairs! (that was my nickname for a favorite kitty years ago who was named Clare) I miss sweet things. I gave them up for Lent and oh my word. Hard! lol

    My A to Z at herding cats & burning soup

  3. might try it! my daughter loves baking and we love eclairs (both the ones you mention and Cadbury Eclairs)

  4. Great, thanks! Do let me know how it went!