Tuesday, April 25, 2017

U: Upside-down Cake #AtoZChallenge

Soon after my marriage my in-laws discovered I enjoyed baking.
And baking meant cakes, right?
For me, baking meant roasts and au gratin and lamb chops and fish Florentine and moussaka.
However, my in-laws did not know this. One day when we were visiting them in their house at Salt Lake, much to my surprise I found that they too had invested in an oven. It was a small OTG , nothing like the big one they had presented me but there it was staring at me. My father-in-law had also got a can of pineapples and was ready to rush out and get me whatever else I may need. I got the hint all right: a pineapple cake. Or in any case, some baked dessert with pineapple in it.
Sigh. Those were the days before the internet, my trusty Betty Crocker Cookbook was still a distant dream and I was a novice at baking cakes. I searched my head a remembered this pineapple upside down cake my Mom used to make. I called her and jotted down the recipe, the best she remembered it. And then I made it.
It was a disaster. I’m sure there was nothing wrong with the recipe but the whole thing fell flat, the upside down part was a complete fail and the thing looked like someone’s bad dream. Later I learnt that heat and humidity turns a cake flat if let out of the heat too soon. I learnt too many eggs are not always nice and there is a reason why you are supposed to sift the flour and add the ingredients one by one. Oh, my in-laws were very sporting about it. They all helped themselves to the collapsed pudding-like goo and declared it was wonderful. Only I still cringe at the thought of that upside down cake.
And no, I have never tried it since.
Maybe I should!
Here’s this recipe I found online.Yes, thanks to BettyCrocker! I’m saving it to try another day.

And you? Have you had any memorable baking disasters yet? 

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