Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q: Queen of Puddings #AtoZChallenge

I admit it. I was almost ready to throw in the towel on Q. Q had me in a quandary. Then I 'discovered' the Queen of Puddings. It reminds me of the bread and butter puddings my mom used to make for school. More often than not it used to end up in the dustbin because I used to be so busy playing during lunchtime that I did not have the time to dig through a pudding!
Now, a lot older and not really wiser, I occasionally enjoy bread and butter puddings. no offense meant but the Queen of Puddings seems a lot like it, only with meringue on top. And meringues are always fun to be with!
So here's the next dessert I am going to try at home:
Queen of Puddings. Recipe by Jamie Oliver here


  1. My mother used to make delicious rice pudding and a lady I used to work with made the most awesome bread pudding. Alas, I have no good recipe for either!
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  2. I always feel a little sad when I hear about a great recipe that has been "lost". Happens all the time... Thanks for dropping by.