Friday, May 8, 2009

Lets talk about Richard Bach...

When I was in my early teens, someone gave me a book called "Illusions...." by Richard Bach. I devoured it. Hell, I even tried cloud vaporizing!!! I wasn't very good at it but in my scheme of things I often convinced myself that the clouds shifted somewhat...(how quaint, how naive)!That book never was too far from me and I managed to read all books by Bach...a personal favourite being "There's no place such as far away" which I have thereafter gifted to countless people. I grew up on these philosophies and tried to live on them and live off them...they helped me out when the winds howled outside and it seemed that the world was going to end. They made me a less judgmental, less interfering person....unconcerned about things that do not concern me to the extent of being labelled a snob (a mantle I carry happily!). Now that I am slightly better read than I was then, I personally feel the thoughts have a lot of similarity to those of Lao Tzu...obviously the universe is unfolding as it should and you should just take a back seat and let things happen! Sure. Only sometimes life kicks you in the gut and you wonder where you're headed and if it is the right direction! And no matter how well you know your illusions, there is always some delusions you have to shake off!!!!
So at this opportune moment, very timely as Bach himself would say, my mum gives me this book..."Messiah's Handbook", the one that had been thrown away, remember? And do you remember how this book was to be used? "Hold a question in mind, please.Now close your eyes, open the Handbook at random and pick left page or right."
Here's what I found:

"When you live
by the highest you know,
the outcome of the game doesn't matter.
However it comes out,
it came out right."


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  1. how funny, I'd say that book defined my life at 13 when you gave it to ME to read! And one of my closest friends just gave me the Handbook not long ago too. It's good to refresh the memory of those words, and let me take the time now to thank you for starting me on that road. I too love No Such Place, but I think my next favourite after Illusions is Bridge Across Forever. Thank you.