Tuesday, April 29, 2014

'Y' for you, yes, YOU (who did not believe in me)!

I guess we all have positive and negative influences in our lives. I've had my share of both; but let's just talk about the negatives today.

That uncle who went around telling anyone who would listen that I was a drug addict just because I had a mind of my own and did not conform to his idea of a "good girl". That Aunt who shook her head and said I would come to 'no good' . Those relatives who shook their collective heads and berated my father for sending me to an unknown city for my education instead of getting me married. Those classmates who thought I was cheap because I talked to BOYS! Those friends I have now out-grown, whose constant whining about the in-laws I cannot stand, the ones who blamed me for all their nonsense just because I was rebellious and easy to blame. The teachers who said I was difficult and would fail.. Those relatives who said I was cold-hearted because I did not cry in public when my father died. That brother-in-law who had the gall to come and tell me when I was getting married that I had made a good 'catch', after all no one expected me to amount to anything. That acquaintance who wondered how my friends endured my scarred face. The other one who wondered how I get along and have so many friends since I am not fair and hence not 'good-looking'!

Shocked? Hurt? I guess I was at some point of time. Yet, I got over it.

So here's to YOU. The ones who did not believe in me. The ones who bitched and cribbed and made me feel small. At the time I said 'up yours' and moved on. But now that I think about it, you made me what I am today, you helped me grow a thick skin, you helped me believe in me.
You made me strong.
Thank you!


  1. You proved the doom sayers who think they can predict the future wrong. I've been a similar position where the distant aunty said I'd be a laborer or work as a shop attendant for roaming on the streets. Cheerz for such a honest post and I feel sad for such people

  2. I always think that stuff like that always stems from jealously. Not brave enough to go away to school, too scared to take a risk and be different or try something new, too afraid to go it alone. So good for you for braving it out!
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  3. What you think of yourself is the one that matters. And those who belittled you and hurt you in the past, are but challenges to make you stronger as you are now.

  4. Thanks, I guess I escaped but I know people who really get stunted by remarks like these, and worse. Wish people would just think before typifying others by their false standards!