Tuesday, April 1, 2014

'A' is for Awesome.

Ever since I decided I would participate in the A to Z challenge this morning, I've been thinking of words with A. I ran the gamut from Apple (predictably) to Adhd (don't even ask!) and got to the club from Court with little else on my mind. Met my daughters after their swim and there it was, the word I had been searching for all day: AWESOME!
No, no, don't get me wrong. My daughters do not inspire the thought on sight. It's just that they use the darn word ALL the time. Anything they like, is, alternatively, 'awesome' or 'cool'. I mean anything. Right from the stir-fry you made for dinner to the old shoe that finally emerged from under the bed....only one word describes it all.
Right now in Calcutta it is 39 degrees C. The heat is stifling. The spouse has been unwell and is at home so he gets to spend the day being entertained by two teenage girls who are on holiday right now and believe that life begins and ends with the TV. Unfortunately since Dad is home, they are now subject to strict disciplining which is otherwise missing as we both are at work. They are unable to grow roots in front of the TV or the computer and even restrained in their squabbling! Their daily diet of coke and chips have been replaced with home-cooked meals eaten with their Dad. 
The school reopens next week which coincides nicely with when their Dad too goes back to work....... 
Me? I go out to work and shut the door quietly on the home front. Its like being on vacation.
What's the word for it now? Ah. There it is: Awesome.


  1. Sometimes I think the English language has been reduced to that one word which seems to cover almost everything - AWESOME

  2. Sometimes work is a great excuse to get away from everything. Today I am home alone for a bit apart from a grumpy cat. Really looking forward to the space.