Friday, April 4, 2014

'D" is for Dreams

I've always been a dreamer. And I'm not just talking about the waking ones. I'm talking about the ones I cannot control, the ones that take me to new and often uncharted territories at night. In my late teens I had acquired a dream dictionary and off and on tried to maintain a dream diary in an effort to decipher what my dreams meant. I was heavily into symbolism and the like.
Recently I've been having these dreams. My father-in-law (sometimes with my mother-in-law, sometimes alone) has regularly been featuring in my dreams. I was very fond of him and he passed away 18 months ago. So it wasn't exactly unpleasant to have him around in my dreams. Usually the scenario was in an old house, often the house of my childhood. Sometimes the theme changed, we were all on vacation. or sitting down for a meal together. Always, there was something he was trying to say, something that eluded me. I used to wake up disturbed, often commenting about these dreams to my husband. But I also got used to seeing them every night.
Ten days ago my husband fell sick while in Delhi for an outstation case. He returned to Calcutta and visited the doctor. The day we admitted him I was nervous and worried. By nightfall three stents had been placed in his heart and the doctor was happy with the prognosis. I returned home late and fell asleep, shattered by the day's events.
For the first time in weeks I did not dream of my father-in-law.
I haven't since.


  1. Wow, that is probably why you were having the dreams. Your intuition was trying to tell you something. Hope he is recovering well. Love & Light ~MontanaView

  2. Yeah, I guess. He is doing well, thanks!

  3. I am glad to know that your husband is doing okay! It sounds like you intuitively knew something was not quite right. When my father passed away, I would sometimes dream about him and we would have long conversations working through things, and coming to closure.

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  5. Thanks, Amanda. That's what I'd like to believe too! On my way to houserevivals right away!:)

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    Examinations are stressful and also the lead up to them.