Saturday, April 19, 2014

'Q' for Questions

When I was young I remember we had this cousin who came to visit with his family. He was an inquisitive child who was perpetually asking questions. I sympathise somewhat with the parents now but at the time I remember being aghast that the father always, but always told the child to shut up and not ask questions. Having been brought up to ask questions and having had them answered for us, this came as quite a shocker!
So when I had kids of my own, I obviously encouraged them to ask and always replied as honestly or as imaginatively as I could. But some questions have no answers.
Like for instance, when my girls were small they used to watch our wedding video on a loop. I wondered why. I soon knew. "Ma," they shrieked one day, "why did you not take us to your wedding?"
Ah, because then the wedding might not have happened, I am tempted to say.
the younger daughter: "Ma, there are pictures of Didi alone but in my baby pictures SHE is always there, why?"
on seeing their first on-screen kiss. "yeeew, why are they sucking the spit?"
I try to be calm, "that's an expression of love. You see, that's a kiss."
"Does Baba also suck your spit, then?"
One holiday they had sunflower seeds. I told them it's good for them. "So will I have sunflowers in my tummy?"
Of course!
All through the holiday, they would run up to me, open their mouths wide and ask me if I could see the sunflowers!
(Of course, I could!)

Yeah, questions are fun, questions are good.  But they sometimes wring the hell out of you. And often, they give you something to smile about later!

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