Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Whether you talk about Calcutta’s famous dhunuchi dance during the pujas or the old pujas  in North Calcutta houses being performed over the years, whether you talk about visiting the old temples of Kalighat or Dhakhineswar, or whether it is the St James Church or the St Paul’s Cathedral, or whether you are visiting Astor Hotel housed in a hundred year old building or enjoying a drink at the Grand Hotel, this is a city where the new lives hand in hand with the old. The No 42 on Chowringhee which is now the tallest building in India (at about 268 meters) stands proud over the Maidan and has changed the skyline of Calcutta, peacefully co-exists with the older buildings around it. Come to Calcutta, feel the old-world charm of the city seep into your veins, this is a city that grows on you. And keeps you hooked! 
That is image is of the busy south western side of busy Dalhousie Square on a Sunday morning. That dome you see is the GPO, earlier part of the old Fort William. That was approximately where that infamous Black Hole tragedy purportedly occurred! 

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