Tuesday, April 9, 2019

H: Horticultural Gardens #AtoZChallenge

   Picture credit: Nandini Sett nandinisett@gmail.com

The  Horticultural Garden of Kolkata is a famous green space, owned by the Agri-Horticultural Society of India. Covering 21 acres of land in Alipore, this garden is known for its fabulous collection of trees, flowering plants and other varieties of vegetation. It has an impressive infrastructure and is one of the most well-maintained gardens across the country.

There is a sprawling and well-manicured field in the garden, a greenhouse, a fruit orchard orchard, rose garden and even a garden for different varieties of xerophytes and orchids! One of the winter attractions in Calcutta is the annual flower show hosted at the Horticultural gardens. 

The Agri Horticultural Garden includes a research laboratory, library and training centre, which facilitate horticulture studies. Nurseries and a florist shop are also present within this garden's complex, from where visitors can buy plant saplings and flower bouquets.
As children , we visited the horticultural gardens often. My father was an avid gardener and he often went to but saplings, seeds, fertilizers and what not.

I did not inherit those genes. At one point of time Baba had these bid cemented pots built on the terrace. Each was rectangular in shape and approximately three feet by one feet and two feet in depth. He filled them with soil and told my sister and me that we had one each where we were to grow whatever we wanted. Excited, one Sunday, we accompanied him to the horticultural garden and got our seeds and stuff. We planted them. Within a week I was bored out of my wits. I dug up the my plot and the seeds to see if they 'growed'. I built what were meant to be mud huts and generally mucked about. My sister's plot however was beautifully kept. She grew cucumbers and radishes and lemons and things like that while I just made tea out of mud and water and an old kettle with holes that no one wanted.

It's always been that way. My sister still loves her plants and has a good collection of them in her little verandah. She is happy when the lilies bloom. I do not share her excitement. She also regularly visits the annual flower show at the horticultural gardens. The picture above is one taken by her at the 2018 show. Me? I don't have a green bone in my body. I tried tending to a cactus while in college. It died on me.

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