Thursday, April 21, 2011

A few words on a current fashion trend!

I saw so many panties yesterday!!!!
But first things first. Last night we went for the KKR inaugural match at Eden Gardens.
We had tickets for the box at the stadium and went there with happy expectations of rubbing shoulders with the likes of SRK and Juhi Chawla. Predictably, they were in another box. In the second half, stuffed with snacks and cold drinks and after a lovely dinner we decided to go and sit with the mango people and sip of the atmosphere. Only this wasn’t the real mango people, after all this was the Club House so it was actually the young wannabes of Calcutta. There was of course little or no relation to the game being played on the pitch. In front of us sat a bunch of young girls who apparently must have inspired that ‘Queen’ song, “fat bottomed girls”….all were in hipsters and tiny tight t-shirts that kept riding up giving us an ample view of panties of every style, make and colour! One even said ‘sexy girl’ or something equally horrible in pink!!!! My husband was wide eyed. Only the bums were too huge, “no aesthetic value,” he insisted! I wanted to reach out and pull down some t-shirts…or hitch up some pants. During lulls in the game I made it a point to see how many more panties I could see. Red, blue even psychedelic yellow!!!! Reminded me of this time I went to the bookstore and saw this young girl squatting over a book in the corner. I was shocked to see half her bum and gently told her to go to a sofa!
Mother hen? Interfering? Old fashioned? Whatever.
Don’t they make high risers in jeans any more? I shudder to imagine my girls in outfits like that in public. And its not as if SRK or some equally delectable male was watching! This was for the entertainment, amusement and shock value of middle-aged people (like me) and the Calcutta cops! And or course it doesn’t matter if you look like the back side of a buffalo, you have to drape yourself in tight material that looks as though it’s bursting at the seams. This trend has developed in Court too, unfortunately. Tight black trousers clinging at the wrong places, short white shirt tail hanging outside an equally tight black waistcoat teamed up with shapeless chappals or sandals, with or without heels and yes, you’re a law intern!!!! Hallelujah, don’t these women have any sense? I know in the West they wear trousers no matter how fat they are, but then in the West they don’t have options like salwar kameezes dahling!
Please fat girls (unfortunately I am talking about young girls here, not one a day over 24 or so….) take a look at your backside before exposing it to the world….cover it with a t shirt or something and for God’s sake don’t go to work looking like a sixties wannabe sex siren!!!!
And this applies to all my daughters too. When your bum gets too big for those jeans, I’m going to tell you so! I don’t want the world to see your panties.
You see I’m your old fashioned mother who believes that inner wear should stay where it belongs. Inside.

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