Thursday, May 6, 2010

Smile please!

For a while now, I’ve been upset. About various things…, things not working out the way I wanted it to, the girls’ school work…etc etc, the list seemed long, tedious and endless. So I’ve been moping around, coming out with the most pathetic statements on my fb status and basically spreading the shit around.
Thankfully these things do not last. I got a virtual kick from a cousin who, in not so many words, told me to shut the fuck up about my cribbing…and then I took one good look at myself and decided I do not like the crabby full-of-herself person I am now….So here goes, this is right here, right now. Cheers to the good times, life’s too short to sweat the small stuff!!!!

Little beads of sweat
little drops on my face…
heralding rain
on a muggy day,
hot and sultry
I sit and gaze
at the sky where
rain clouds are held at bay
by the late morning air
ominous and still….
I can forget about
these grey walls
the draft incomplete
the petition unread
the cases left open
for another time.
Clients can wait
the day can pass
life can be on hold
for this moment is mine.
The skies burst open
with a clap of thunder
my mind runs out
as the raindrops shatter
on my head

Wait then, I know
you will
I’ll catch up with
all my duties again
I’ll smile I’ll plead
I’ll even be funny
if you want me to…..

But now let me be,
quiet in my thoughts,
a song on my lips,
a smile in my voice!



  1. that's really fabulous. So good to read joy from you again.
    That cousin of yours sounds a bit mean tho...

  2. no way nothing mean about my cousin...and who are you to comment on that?

  3. lol, that was me, Ted, posting from fone, so it posted as anon. Love you. Xx